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This journal is predominantly fandom rambles, mixed with a little of personal life stuff. My current fandoms of interest include: "Bones," "Californication," "Criminal Minds," "Dexter," "Fringe," "Doctor Who," "Farscape," Jacqueline Carey's "Kushiel's Legacy" books, "Leverage," "Secret Diary of a Call Girl," "Skins," "True Blood," and "The X-files." Previous fandoms have been: "Battlestar Galactica," "Buffy," "Heroes," "La Femme Nikita," "The Office," "Pushing Daisies," "Veronica Mars," and "Wonderfalls."

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"It's here! It's here!"

(X-F) Scully talks shop.
Just got back from a second viewing of The X-files with my mother and brother. THEIR THOUGHTS CENSOREDCollapse ) I expect to see it tomorrow with a friend and maybe at least one more time opening weekend. This is odd for me because I'm not normally such a slave for films. I'm not sure I've ever gone twice to a film (though I may have done so for Depp's Don Juan DeMarco). But, what the hell... If I want to see it, I'll see it and I love the way the winterscapes look on the big screen.

I plan for meta tomorrow, as I am formulating my thoughts. If you want to read a nice, balanced review in that vein, check out theredrighthand's post. SPOILERS there, obviously.

Meanwhile... I want to play a spoiler game! Collapse )

Oh, and my friend Jason IM'ed me after watching with his father and brother. We used to watch together in college and he's seen most of the show but isn't as obsessed as I. THEIR THOUGHTS HERE.Collapse )

Note: I'm unlocking this for the moment so more people can come and play!
(X-F) Can't take you anywhere.
I just watched "Tempus Fugit"/"Max" and thought I'd share a little known X-files secret: The TRUE love triangle of the show.

Warning: Ridiculous PicSpam to follow.

Bet you think I"m going to say Pendrell/Scully/Mulder, but I"m not.Collapse )

That is ... essentially, exactly the way it happened.

Once you start transcribing...

Here is a transcript for the AOL preview for Veronica Mars episode 2x22. Thanks to crazed_tuber for the help.

Here's a direct link to the scene.

Here be spoilersCollapse )

No spoilers beyond UPN promo, trailer, and ep 2x21 and earlier in the comments please.
(VM) Noir (Logan in a fedora = SQUEE!)
For those who can't get the streaming video to work, here is a transcript of the cold open from UPN for episode 2x22 of Veronica Mars: I cut because I care.Collapse )

You're welcome to talk about the clip in the comments, of course! But lets limit any other spoilers to the promo and ep 2x21 and earlier.

Veronica Mars Season 2 Love

This is your chance to tell the world (or, you know, Live Journal) what you love about Season Two Veronica Mars so far.

Comment below with one thing, or a list of several things, that have made it an enjoyable television experience for you. It can be the sum total of a character, or a small character moment. It can be a particular scene or entire mystery arc or a single article of clothing somebody wore.
This post is all about love, any negative comments about the season or about another persons opinion will be deleted. Feel free to trumpet your unpopular opinions or wallow in a vat of your own fangirly juices. Show me the love.

Then tell me what one thing you are most looking forward to in the rest of Season Two.

Then, if you'd like, feel free to pimp this post in your journal to keep the love flowing.